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Apollo Sails

We design and sewing sails. Tourist yacht, racing? We provide advisory services and individual approach to each client.

Wind can not be tamed, the trick is to catch it. We will make every effort so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of the waves.

Experience and tradition

Waldemar Szymański - founder of the company, working with the sails for over 30 years. His knowledge forward to future generations. Since 2003, and now together with his sons offer sails with the logo of "Apollo Sails".


To design the sails we use programs PROSAIL and SMARazure. We based on the best gear and fabrics company Dimension Polyant and Contender Sailcloth.

Order from us

Our sails you can see all over the world. We guarantee the highest quality products


Our covers are manufactured of the best material available on the market


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Do something for your boat ...

The sailing season 2016 has come to an end. Before you forget for a while about our yacht, we should spare a few moments to review and possible service rig! During the season, always short of time to do it, and the sailmakers there is heavy traffic. Think about it now, that has not proved that during the next season, waiting times are too long. Contact us! We guarantee a good price and professional service!