apollo sails

This is the most common material used for cruising or recreational sails. Dacron offers simple robust construction, and great longevity. Dacron sails are generally designed using a “cross cut” seam layout, where the panels run perpendicular to the leech of the sail.
Dacron is actually a trade mark of Dupont, but over time it has become a house hold term for woven polyester sail cloth. Dacron is a polyester fabric, woven in the traditional method of longitudinal warp threads, and perpendicular fill threads.
There are several types of styles and weights ofdacron, differing in thickness and number of threads used in the construction.
This allows for a wide variety of applications, and makes it possible to choose the correct fabric for each particular sail.
Today’s dacronweaving and finishing technology is very advanced, and this type of material can withstand all possible weather conditions. Much of the technical advance has been made in the area of “finishing”, where a variety of resins can be used to coat or impregnate the woven material.
Dacron is ideal for sails for small to medium sized cruising yachts, and the sails can be easily folded, and bagged, and used with covers and lazy jacks.

Dacron materials offered:

Basic Dacron,Supercruise, C-Breeze

Advanced Dacron – All Purpose, Low Aspect, High Aspect

Recommended for yachts up to 50 ft (15m).

apollo sails

These are cross cut sails, but which attain some of the shape holding characteristics found in radial cut sails. This effect can be achieved through the use of advanced Flex materials.

The basis of this type of materials is a fabric with a strong fill and warp thread, similar to dacron. But Flex is a laminate, comprisinga variety of reinforcing fibers. It has additional filaments at 20 ° and 30 °, which handle diagonal loads. This innovative design caters to at least six different load directions.

Flex is a material designed to handle the complex array of forces within a sail, and as a result, Flex sails have excellent shape holding characteristics.Flex sails are suitable for both recreational and racing yachts.

The design ca use a variety of different fibers and densities, allowing for the construction of any type of sail.

Flex materials offered:



Recommended for yachts up to 60 ft (18 m)