Mechatroniczny jacht typu Omega

Realization of the innovative student project Mechatronic Yacht, has come to end. This is a project realized by the M3 Scientific Teams of the Faculty of Electronics, Microelectronics and Photonics and Off-Road from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Wrocław University of Technology. The project consists of making the Omega class yacht from scratch and equipping it with modern instrumentation. The sensors measure various parameters that will allow multi-parameter tracking of fixed and mobile rigging, unit and sailor responses, electronic system, power supply and information system. Processing of electrical signals and visualization of collected data in real time or after the completion of navigation. The yacht combines elements of mechanics, electronics and computer science, and to do so requires extensive knowledge of the above-mentioned fields and mechatronics.
Thanks to the apparatus used which will be programmed by the students, the yacht will be able to serve as a sailing instructor. Such an innovative vessel would be a useful tool in training sailors. It can also be the basis for the formation of training methodology and the construction of “dry” trainers.
Some time ago has been baptism of the yacht.

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