How to order sails?

The easiest and fastest way to contact us is by e-mail.

Thanks to this, you can send an inquiry at any time convenient for you.

In addition, we eliminate communication errors that occurred in the past during telephone calls. 


To prepare the initial valuation, we only need the length of the leeches of individual sails, but we encourage you to fill in the measurement forms, which we divide into two types:
1) Forms for existing sails, i.e. measurement on sails that are already in use.
2) Rigging measurement forms that will allow us to build the optimal sails according to the client's guidelines.

In both cases, we get all the necessary information, which shortens the process of determining the details of finishes and thus the final valuation, which we will try to prepare within a maximum of 48 hours. We also encourage you to visit our sailmaker's shop after prior appointment. We will measure the sails that have already been served on the spot and prepare a valuation.