apollo sails
Apollo Sails uses two different sail design programs, Prosail, and Azure Project, offering the ability to design every possible type of sail. Our projects are consulted with designers from around the world.

The optimization of sail shapes is a complex task, since the conditions under which a sail is operating change continuously. Also the actual flying shape of sails, and their mutual interaction is constantly changing.

Azure Project’s Flow2 and Flex are powerful analytical tools, which help sail designers improve their understanding of the aerodynamic and structural aspects of sail design, and to optimize their designs in terms of both mould shape and structure.The result is smoother and faster sails.

is a robust aerodynamic analysis tool thatenables sail designers to examine the sail forces generated by their proposed upwind sail designs, and then optimize these results by modifying the mould shape and trim.

is the unique and innovative tool that explores the complex interaction between the wind and sail forces, combined with the chosen sail materials and their structural characteristics, and the resulting deformation of the original design mould shape.