Cover for the boom:
is the easiest system to protect the mainsail from the sun and other weather conditions. It consists of one part. From the side of the mast has a zipper and velcro strap, and the boom is closed by clips and Velcro-type Minax. At the end we can find the “eye” of the tape, which is used to tension the cover and prevents it from moving.

Lazy jack:
Cover Lazy Jack increasingly replaces the normal cover for the boom. The reason is much easier and faster operation of the entire system. Sail while hoisting and lowering the mast does not fall on the deck, but goes directly to the case. That system works smoothly and quickly.
Cover consists of three parts: one on each side of the boom and “elephant” (front part). It must have a system of ropes who connecting lazy jack with mast, and properly tension whole cover. It is connected to the boom using bolt rope at the bottom and clasps type TENAX. In older boom must be installed special rails. New one have longer “hidden” side of the sail track, just adapted to this system.

Cover for forestay:
More and more we decide to rigid forestay fitting on the yacht. This allows for faster and more efficient clearing the headsail. It remains, however, exposed to the sun and other weather conditions. For those who choose sail without UV cover, this is the perfect solution. Cover the whole of its length have zipper that fastens the process of retrieving the sail. A rope located on the back of the cover, allows the recovery of excess material, so that better adheres to the entire sail.

One of the necessary things on the yacht. Spread is above the cockpit thus protecting against sun and rain.

Snuffer (cover for gennaker and spinnaker):
Definitely makes it easier to work with a sail during the voyage. Action is very close to the forestay cover. Gennaker or spinnaker is tucked in a special sleeve ending on the fixing the halyard, and the second rigid flange allows for free putting and the “extinction” of the sail.

Most often used in sea boats. It is attached to the rails to protect against wind, the crew located in the cockpit.

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