The modern technology offered at Apollo Sails.

All the materials offered by the manufacturer are ready on roll, so you can say that’s a universal materials. We have no influence on their design, we can only choose between available thicknesses or grammages.

apollo sails

In the membrane sails it looks quite different. The material can be freely configured to a particular yacht and his character. They are manufactured with layers of taffeta, film or both of them. And supplement with carbon, aramid, polyester or dyneema fibres. Membran sails Has many possibilities and configuration.
The base is a project with all necessary details. Then a special gantry with rollers, spread the fibers on the specified material. This is a complicated process because the layers must be properly connected. With a vacuum and the correct temperature, we get a specific material. The result is a flat sheet, that is divided into horizontal panels.
The individual panels are given a curved edge, which, by joining together the obtained elements, gives the appropriate shape of the mold.
The membrane sail has a perfect balance of weight to strength, and his shape best tolerates the test of time.
Suitable for any type of yacht, from small racing to high seas.