Pokrowiec Lazy Jack


The Lazy Jack cover is increasingly replacing the usual boom cover. The reason is definitely easier and faster operation of the entire system. While setting up and lowering the sail on the mast, the sail does not fall onto the deck, but goes directly to the cover. Thanks to this, work on board goes smoothly and quickly.

The cover consists of three elements: one on each side of the boom and a mast link, commonly known as a cap. It must also have a system of cables connecting it to the mast, thanks to which it is properly tensioned. It is attached to the boom with a bolt rope sewn in its lower part and TENAX clasps. In older booms it is necessary to install special guide rails, while in new ones there are often "hidden" side guides, adapted to this system.


Pokrowiec składa się z dwóch bądź trzech elementów:

- po jednym na każdą stronę bomu (jeżeli jest wprowadzany w boczne lik szpary) oraz opinki masztowej;
 - z dwóch elementów ( jeżeli wprowadzany jest w likszparę bomu ) oraz opinki masztowej.

W obu przypadkach jest mocowany do bomu za pomocą likliny przyszytej w jego dolnej części. Musi również posiadać system linek łączących go z masztem, dzięki którym jest odpowiednio napięty. 



More and more we decide to rigid forestay fitting on the yacht. This allows for faster and more efficient clearing the headsail. It remains, however, exposed to the sun and other weather conditions. For those who choose sail without UV cover, this is the perfect solution. Cover the whole of its length have zipper that fastens the process of retrieving the sail. A rope located on the back of the cover, allows the recovery of excess material, so that better adheres to the entire sail.


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lazy jack


You can fill out measurement sheets in two ways

1. Print out, take to the yacht and fill in by hand.
2. Fill in without printing using any pdf editing tool.


See what a computer model of the rigging looks like

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